Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy week

This week began with me waking up late for my first class on Monday so I skipped it. Only to find out that we had a review in that class for the test we had on Wednesday. I got to my Zoology class and realized we had a test in lecture on Wednesday too! By this point I am freaking out. I signed onto Blackboard to check my grades only to find out that I have 2 MORE tests to do by tomorrow. I have done one and I should be working on the other right now instead of blogging. I studied ALL night Tuesday night after choir practice with no sleep. I feel like I did good on both of the tests. It was just a long hard week. I went to the Rodeo last night and I saw Brad Paisley!! He was INCREDIBLE and UNDENYABLE MY FAVORITE singer/guitarist/songwriter EVER!!! I even bought a tshirt. How clishe! Lol... He really was amazing. I just sat in awe most of the time! He actually came and stood right in front of my section and I was on row F! I took a video and a picture of him! I even joined the fan club! We had a fun time yesterday. I went with my whole family. My brother too! He is on his Spring Break like me! Oh, heavenly Spring Break! It came right when I needed it! Tonight we are going to hang out with Josh and Kate, well, at least, I think! :)

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