Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Days

I am at work catching up on blogs for Kate! ;) I have taken on a new position in the church which is kind of exciting! Luke and I are now the Jr. Youth Leaders. I am really thrilled that everyone sees me as capable to mold and help young innocent minds!!! It's crazy! Anyways, tonight we have Expressive worship practice and Daughters of Zion prayer for the Pastor's wife. Busy busy busy! Tomorrow night we are going to a youth rally in Santa Fe. Then Saturday we have a church wide Community Car Wash. It is going to be fun! :) I'm excited. Then Saturday night, I want to go to the Rodeo carnival! YAY!


  1. Yay! you blogged....bravo....I think its funny you blog for like a week in one Have fun this weekend....we are going out of town!!! I'll see you on Sunday!!!

  2. You need to blog more!!! I love reading it, you and Katie do such a great job!!
    Love you!


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