Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Slow Day

Today has been a pretty slow day. I slept in pretty late, well till about 8:30. I got up and got dressed and went upstairs to wait for my mom. Whil I was up there, I got on her computer and I saw the most beautiful Valentine's flowers I have EVER seen. It was an arrangement with white lillies and red roses. It was gorgeous. I then proceeded to look at wedding bouquets and that was kind of fun. Nothing really exciting.

Luke took Randy to court today. He was going to get time, about 10 months. Somehow the guy pressing charges "disappeared" and so they had to reschedule Randy's court date. Luke is such a sweetheart. He drove Randy there at 6:00 this morning.

Last night me and Luke painted antoher wall in his room. There was so much clutter it started getting to me. So, not only dsid I unload all the boxes in the kitchen, but I also, cleaned Tim's room, put all his close going the same direction, put the in color coded order and vacuumed. Oh the wonders of being OCD. Luke pulled out the washer and dry and the refrigerator and we almost threw up. He cleaned that! We marked the places for the stripes in his wall. We are trying to get everything ready so when his mom and sister-in-law come down in March, it will actually look like a nice house.

I'm sitting at work, procrastinating because I don't want to take my American Popular Music Test. BORING. I'll be back later.

Thank you Kate for getting me started on this! Just one more thing I have to keep up with! :)

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  1. YAY!!! Welcome to Blog Land....yes I know I am a tard!!!! Did you see your pic on my blog? TTYL skinny mini!!!


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